Tuesdays Treats

cover for HRS00435

Poison Help Magnet
These are from a government funded program, they are free and you can order up to 10. I always order the max a give to family, friends and or school/local organizations. Your tax dollars paid for them, why let them sit in a warehouse somewhere collecting dust?

Find Your Bliss Shower Gel & Body Butter
This looks cool I hope they don't run out.

2012 Cigar Calendar
I am not a fan of smoking but if you are you can enjoy photos of cigars all year long.

Brez Stop Snoring Aide
I'm curious to see if this works...not that I snore or anything.

Schiff Mega Red Krill Oil
Because you can't get too much oil in your diet?

2 Quest Nutrition Bars
You have to click through their site to get to the sample page but 2 FREE bars may be worth it.

David Yurman Fragrance Sample
My car is gonna smell like a cheap hotel with all these fragrance samples!


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