The Venue

One of the biggest priorities for us was choosing an awesome venue and we knew that was going to cost us. We love the ocean and really wanted a place on the water. We also love old, fancy, historic houses. We are definitely not country club people, we are not farm people and we are not city people. So after attending a bridal show in Newport, RI I knew we wanted to get married in that area. We looked at many venues and spent a lot of time driving around Newport and Westerly looking for just the right place. Of course when I found "The Place" I knew without asking it was out of our price range. Isn't that always the way it goes? But just to be sure, I booked an appointment anyway.

During our meeting with the wedding coordinator at my favorite spot, it became instantly apparent we could not afford this place. I sat there devastated, smiling and pretending their prices were not absurd. Rental fee for a Saturday night a mere $10,500 plus $25,000 food minimum. Excuse me while I try to swallow my heart. They did offer cheaper rates for Saturday afternoons, Friday nights, Sunday afternoons were much cheaper $3500 rental fee plus $7500 food minimum. OK, that's a little better. But who can eat $7500 worth of food?

Our anniversary is July 4. So of course I was waiting for the we charge double on a holiday speech. No, instead I got, sorry, that date has been booked. What? I'm here well in advance how could it be booked. Who is this rich bridezilla that stole my date? How dare she. Not that I could afford it anyway but still.

But wait we do have July 3rd available the nice woman told me. Well that's pretty close, we could party into the 4th so that's almost like the 4th. So how much? Well the 3rd is on a Tuesday in 2012. A Tuesday wedding? I better get a good deal for a Tuesday wedding. And of course in frugal fashion I did.

Here is our Venue, Ocean Cliff, Newport, RI:
OceanCliffThe Ballroom:
OceanCliff Ballroom
And the ocean view we wanted:

OceanCliff Ceremony Site  |  photo by Carrie RodmanSo do you want to know what I'm paying for this awesome place?After some wheeling and dealing I am paying a $2000 rental fee. Which compared to similar sites is an enormous savings. My food minimum a mere $4800. Which with almost 100 guests is more than covered. What do I get for my $75/pp dinner. Cocktail hour: artisan cheese and fruit display, signature cocktail and 4 butler passed hors d'oeuvres. Champagne toast. Three course dinner including salad with warm breads, 3 main course selections and dessert with coffee and tea. Plus we have exclusive use of the grounds, which means the entire estate is ours the deck, lawn, patio, ballroom, 2 sitting rooms and reception room. I left the meeting feeling as though I had made the ultimate wedding venue deal. I couldn't wait to send Mike back to Ocean Cliff with the deposit and can't wait until July 3rd.SavingsRental: -$8,500Food Minimum: -$20,200Dress: -$1600
Total Savings to Date: $30,300  


  1. You never cease to AMAZE me!!! But this one takes the cake! INCREDIBLE venue for an INCREDIBLE woman. You deserve it and im so happy for the 2 of you! Cant wait!!!!!!

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