The Dress

So a long story short I have a dress. But I've had it for a long time, a few (12) years. Don't ask why, I just do. I like this dress, it's a nice dress and it still has the tags on it. I loved it 12 years ago. Now, I just like it. I would wear it, if I had to. I would wear it if i couldn't afford another dress. Of course being on a budget I really can't afford another dress. Or can I. Fit n' Frugal will find a way.

So I see this dress on display. It is a gorgeous dress. I love this dress. I want this dress. This dress has tags on it too! To the tune of $1700. LOL. Yeah OK. I'm wearing the old dress.

But I have to ask..."Are you having any sales on dresses? I like this dress."
"Oh, that dress isn't available anymore. It has been discontinued. You cannot order it from the manufacturer."
So of course I check the tag size:10. A little too big. But big can be altered. Hmmmm.
"Do you sell the floor models?"
"Yes we do. Would you like to try it on?"
"Yes I would."

After trying on the new dress, and loving it, I have to ask.
"How much for the floor sample?"
"Well it's the last one, and we usually sell them for around $200."
"Will you take $100 cash today?"
"Sure we can do that for you"
"I'll take it!"

1. Designer Dress - Original Price: $1700, Paid: $100

Total Savings To Date: $1600

Check back next week to see what deals we've found!


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