Tuesdays Treats

Emergen-C Kidz Free Sample
I am a firm believer that if you are coming down with or have a cold this will shorten the duration. I don't know how long my colds would've lasted but I start feeling better within a day of taking this.

Huggies Pull-ups Sample 
You have to have a Sams Club number or enter a random 9 digit number that usually works.

Amazon.com FREE holiday music MP3 Download
Have you been downloading your daily FREE music? Don't worry about missing a day, you can still download all of the songs to this point.

Ontario Travel Calendar 2012
Everyone needs a calendar. I refuse to buy one I can usually acquire 10-15 Free ones like this every year.

LUNA Bar Freebie
Supposedly if you sign up for their newsletter, you will receive an email with a coupon for a FREE bar.

Lacoste Fragrance Sample
Choose your scent. I put open these and put them in my drawers and under the seat in my car. Free air freshener.

Vplenish Sample
This is a vitamin supplement you mix the powder with water or juice.

Sesame Street CD of Songs and Stories
FREE publication from US Fire Administration...you actually paid for this with your tax dollars so you might as well take advantage.

Love Thy Face Cream

Email your request to yalda@societydiva.com. I just sent my name and address.

Pine Borthers Throat Drops
I'm sure we'll be needing these.

Salvation Army Christmas Brass CD
It's that time again time for LOTS of FREE Christmas music.

RTX Series

RTX Cleaner Sample
I have kids therefore need lots of cleaning products.

SPORTea Sample
They say it will take a while to receive this one due to high volume but at least they are still offering it.

Armani Code Fragrance Sample
Like them on FB and fill out the form.

Met Rx Magazine
Looks like it publishes a few times a year. I'm sure full of ads but there may be some good fitness tips in here.

California Walnut Publications
Scroll to the bottom of the page to have products mailed to you.

Truckin' Magazine 
I passed on this one but here's a Free subscription for all you truckin' people out there.

Victorias Secret - Secret Reward Card
Until December 15 everyday starting at 9am they are giving away a reward card valued from $10 - $500. They are giving away over 97,000 cards in all. I will be up bright and early to try and snag one of these! 


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