Tuesdays Treats

cover for HRS00435

Poison Help Magnet
These are from a government funded program, they are free and you can order up to 10. I always order the max a give to family, friends and or school/local organizations. Your tax dollars paid for them, why let them sit in a warehouse somewhere collecting dust?

Find Your Bliss Shower Gel & Body Butter
This looks cool I hope they don't run out.

2012 Cigar Calendar
I am not a fan of smoking but if you are you can enjoy photos of cigars all year long.

Brez Stop Snoring Aide
I'm curious to see if this works...not that I snore or anything.

Schiff Mega Red Krill Oil
Because you can't get too much oil in your diet?

2 Quest Nutrition Bars
You have to click through their site to get to the sample page but 2 FREE bars may be worth it.

David Yurman Fragrance Sample
My car is gonna smell like a cheap hotel with all these fragrance samples!

Win It Wednesday

General Mills Win & Give (winners 259, ends 7/31/12)
Lindor What's at Your Center? Instant Win (winners 20,000+, ends 6/30/12)
Betty Crocker Great Snacks Giveaway (winners 5000, ends 4/30/12)
POP TARTS Text to Win Movie Tickets (winners 1000, ends 3/31/12)
Lipton Cup of Tea Instant Win (winners1006, ends 3/31/12) Code: LC873HRS
Extra Gum 120 Day Fit Instant Win (winners 1922, ends 3/29/12)
AAA Play to Win Instant Game (winners 2092, ends 2/29/12)
State Farm "Livenation" (winners 1670, ends 2/17/12)
Robitussin 100,000 Simple Acts of Relief (winners 5000+, ends 2/12/12)
Courtyard NFL Greatness on the Road (winners 309, ends 2/5/11)
American Express Season of Surprises (winners 2012, ends 1/31/12)
Sunsweet Stay Fit on the Inside Instant Win (winners 1144, ends 1/24/12)
Lucky Mag P & G Gift of Beauty Giveaway (winners 200, ends 1/10/12) UPC - 37000 27304
Reeses Perfect Seat Instant Win (winners 2006, ends 1/8/11)
Lenovo $50,000 Sweeps & IWG (winners 105, 3 ends 1/8/11)
Wonka's Golden Ticket Game (winners 2000+, ends 1/2/12)
Select 55 Days of Holidays (winners 4075, ends 1/1/12)
TGI Friday's Survey Giveaway (winners 596, ends 12/31/11)
Weddingchannel.com Dream Shopping Spree (winners 201, ends 12/31/11)
M&Ms Brand Movie Cash Instant Win (winners 1,000,000+, ends 12/31/11)
Uni-ball Instant Upgrade (winners 26000+, ends 12/31/11)
Candy Stand Instant Win Wheel (winners 181, ends 12/31/11)
Morton a Dash of Flavor Sweeps (winners 200, ends 12/31/11)
Zappos.com Holiday Instant Win (winners 113, ends 12/31/11)
Moviephone Merry Ticket Giveaway (winners 2001, ends 12/31/11)
Auntie Annies Gift Giveaway (winners 966, ends 12/31/11)
Marriot Rewards Points Sweeps (winners 3776, ends 12/31/11)
Xfinity 31 Days of Wintertainment (winners 501, ends 12/31/11)
Blockbuster Movie Magic Giveaway (winners 1111, ends 12/31/11)
Nescafe Dolce Gusto (winners 3000, ends 12/31/11)
Coors Light Score Instant Win Game (winners 1812, ends 12/31/11) Code: COORS
Twix Pick Your Pause (winners 250000+, ends 12/30/11) I WON !
Phillips Sonicare Unwrap the Love (winners 110, ends 12/30/11)
Ghirardelli Holiday 2011 Sweeps (winners 603, ends 12/25/11)
Pet Smart Holiday Gift Grab (winners 201, ends 12/24/11)
Banana Republic Holiday Game (winners 411, ends 12/24/11)
Duracell Toy Giveaway (winners 701, ends 12/23/11)
Foot Locker Champs Scratch & Win (winners 408, ends 12/23/11)
Philosophy Baking Spirits Bright Holiday Game (winners 211, ends 12/23/11)
TiVo More Joy to the World (winners 134, ends 12/21/11)
Auntie Annies Gift Giveaway (winners 966, ends 12/21/11)

CONTESTS WITH LESS THAN 100 WINNERS (hey, you never know!)

Slim Fast Vow to Wow Instant Win (winners 329, ends 3/26/12)
McDonald's $50 Arch Card Sweeps (winners 40, ends 2/12/12)
Nutrilite Ultimate Football Experience (winners 294, ends 2/6/12)
Scratch Bake & Win (winners 12, ends 1/31/12)
T Mobil VIP Zone Game (winners 18,650, ends 1/15/12)
Macy's INC Giving Spree (winners 91, ends 1/2/12)
Hilton Homewood for the Holidays (winners 64, ends 1/2/12)
Wendy's Twos the Reason (winners 328, ends 1/6/12)
O The Oprah Magazine Chico's Sweeps (winners 3, ends 12/31/11)
Finish Line Ugly Sweater Contest (winners 25, ends 12/31/11)
J. Crew Madewell & Bliss Gift Yourself Away (winners 32, ends 12/31/11)
Travel Channel Trip to Scotland  (winners 32, 12/31/11)
Nerf Nation Countdown to 2012 (winners 38, ends 12/31/11)
AARP $50,000 Retirement Giveaway (winners 53, ends 12/31/11)
Millstone K-Cups Contest (winners 33, ends 12/27/11)
Tilly's Hurley Australian Open (winners 1, ends 12/26/11)
Kate Spade Unwrap a Prize (32 winners, ends 12/26/11)
Zappos 6PM Holiday Instant Win (winners 34, ends 12/25/11)
Walgreens Re-gift Holiday Game (winners 16, ends 12/25/11)
Shasta Flavor Your Holidays Sweeps (winners 3, ends 12/23/11)
PUMA Get a Move On Instant Win (winners 44, ends 12/22/11)

Tuesdays Treats

FortiFX Bar
Free from GNC.

Badabing Sauce Sample
Choose your flavor Breeze, Fire or Lightening. I don't like spicy so I am requesting Breeze.

Free Shirt from Buy Corporate Apparel
It says they will confirm your request with a phone call so if you want to work a little you may get a FREE shirt. Note: when I ordered mine sizes and colors were limited.

Honey Crystal Sampler Pack

Looks like an order form when you fill it out but you do not have to pay shipping.

 Jamba Energy Drink
 It says you get a coupon. I don't know if they e-mail or snail mail it.

Splenda Essentials Sample
I don't use artificial sweeteners but I know many of you do so here's a sample.

Community Coffee
FREE 12oz bag of coffee. Print coupon offer. I'm not sure where this product is available.

Bumper Sticker - My other car is a garbage truck
I guess if you are a garbage man and proud of it this would be great for you. You can even choose standard or static cling.

Hip Dysplasia Awareness Wistband
If you know someone with this illness here's a way to show your support.

Bumper Sticker - Go To Hell Carolina (basketball)
I don't follow basketball other then my 11yr olds team so I don't actually know what this means. But I'm sure some basketball fan out there knows. Keagan, any help here?

Vooka Stickers
Apparently this is a clothing line and you can have a sticker to show you are cool enough to know that.

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Movie Soundtrack
Download 6 songs FREE

Disney Princess FREE Personalized Phone Message
This is pretty cool you specify the date and time and choose the princess that will call with a special message. I did this a few years ago and my daughter got a kick out of it.

Wiggles Free Song Download
5 FREE Wiggles songs from Amazon

Simply Right Baby Formula Samples

Beech Nut Stage 4 Toddler Welcome Kit
Theses are usually full of samples and coupons.

Planet Protectors Kids Club Kit
Includes a certificate and workbooks. Great free material for homeschool parents. These are government materials for distribution take advantage of your tax dollars.

NOBAMA Bumber Sticker
Free if you're not fond of our current President and want to let everyone else know!

Free Calendar from Sincere Escrow
This looks like a nice artsy calendar. Simply e-mail your name and address to calendar@sincereescrow.com

 Nice Christmas Music Sampler FREE from Amazon click the photo.

The Venue

One of the biggest priorities for us was choosing an awesome venue and we knew that was going to cost us. We love the ocean and really wanted a place on the water. We also love old, fancy, historic houses. We are definitely not country club people, we are not farm people and we are not city people. So after attending a bridal show in Newport, RI I knew we wanted to get married in that area. We looked at many venues and spent a lot of time driving around Newport and Westerly looking for just the right place. Of course when I found "The Place" I knew without asking it was out of our price range. Isn't that always the way it goes? But just to be sure, I booked an appointment anyway.

During our meeting with the wedding coordinator at my favorite spot, it became instantly apparent we could not afford this place. I sat there devastated, smiling and pretending their prices were not absurd. Rental fee for a Saturday night a mere $10,500 plus $25,000 food minimum. Excuse me while I try to swallow my heart. They did offer cheaper rates for Saturday afternoons, Friday nights, Sunday afternoons were much cheaper $3500 rental fee plus $7500 food minimum. OK, that's a little better. But who can eat $7500 worth of food?

Our anniversary is July 4. So of course I was waiting for the we charge double on a holiday speech. No, instead I got, sorry, that date has been booked. What? I'm here well in advance how could it be booked. Who is this rich bridezilla that stole my date? How dare she. Not that I could afford it anyway but still.

But wait we do have July 3rd available the nice woman told me. Well that's pretty close, we could party into the 4th so that's almost like the 4th. So how much? Well the 3rd is on a Tuesday in 2012. A Tuesday wedding? I better get a good deal for a Tuesday wedding. And of course in frugal fashion I did.

Here is our Venue, Ocean Cliff, Newport, RI:
OceanCliffThe Ballroom:
OceanCliff Ballroom
And the ocean view we wanted:

OceanCliff Ceremony Site  |  photo by Carrie RodmanSo do you want to know what I'm paying for this awesome place?After some wheeling and dealing I am paying a $2000 rental fee. Which compared to similar sites is an enormous savings. My food minimum a mere $4800. Which with almost 100 guests is more than covered. What do I get for my $75/pp dinner. Cocktail hour: artisan cheese and fruit display, signature cocktail and 4 butler passed hors d'oeuvres. Champagne toast. Three course dinner including salad with warm breads, 3 main course selections and dessert with coffee and tea. Plus we have exclusive use of the grounds, which means the entire estate is ours the deck, lawn, patio, ballroom, 2 sitting rooms and reception room. I left the meeting feeling as though I had made the ultimate wedding venue deal. I couldn't wait to send Mike back to Ocean Cliff with the deposit and can't wait until July 3rd.SavingsRental: -$8,500Food Minimum: -$20,200Dress: -$1600
Total Savings to Date: $30,300  

In My Mailbox

Check out what I got this week!

4 Wheel Magazine Subscription - expired
Newsweek Magazine Subscription - expired 
Popular Science Magazine Subscription - expired
Kotex Natural Balance - expired
Natures Bounty Fish Oil - expired
Poison Control Magnets 
Tresemme Moisture Rich Sample - expired

I also WON this bag of Pirates Booty 
from a Self Magazine Giveaway!

Healthy Recipe of the Week

Baked Haddock

Parmesan Crusted Cod

I usually only like my fish deep fried with a side of fries! But in the interest of living a healthy life I gave this recipe for baked fish a try and to my surprise, I liked it. So did everyone else in the house. Mike asks for this all the time. Try it out and let me know what you think. Click HERE for the free recipe. Once you've tried it come back and leave a comment. 

Mark Your Calendar

Saturday, December 17

Michael's Passport to Imagination 10a-12p
Mexico is the theme. Create a luggage tag, a holiday card and a cookbook.

Monday, December 19

Michael's Make & Take - Camille's Fun Dough Shapes 11a-1p
This must be for smaller children since my kids are in school at this time.

Wednesday, December 21

Michael's Make & Take - Orion's Foam Block Stamping 11a-1p
Another weekday event? 

Saturday,December 24

Monday, December 26

Michael's Make & Take - Jake's Art Event



Friday, December 30

Michael's Make & Take - Gert's Tissue Paper Crafting

Saturday, December 31

Now Through December 24

Photos with Santa, crafts, games and activities. Check the site for your local store's schedule.

Saturday, January 7

Home Depot Kids Workshop - Savings Shed
What a cute idea to start the new year. Show your kids how to save money by creating a free bank.