Tuesdays Treats

Martha Stewart Living Magazine Subscription
Although I am not a Martha fan (I think she's a phony and my grandmother is way better than her) I know many of you are so here is a freebie. I do like the idea of giving her stuff away for FREE!

Selena Gomez Perfume
My daughter will like this but if I give it to her she'll know Selena Gomez has a perfume and will want me to buy her a bottle. In which case this may become a car air freshener.

Huggies Snug & Dry Diaper Sample
Hey cuz you're gonna need these. If everyone in our family signed up for the freebie you'd probably end up with a whole pack free! You do need a Sam's club # or a random 9 digit # works too. but you didn't hear that from me.

Maxim Magazine Subsription
In case you missed it last week, it looks like it's still available. Send it to someone for Christmas.

Psoriasis Kit 
Free kit includes awareness wrist bands, lotion and information on this disorder.

Burger King FREE Fries Friday
This Friday 12/16/11 go to any participation Burger King to try their new fries. No coupon needed.

Carefree Pantiliner Sample
Keep it in your purse or glovebox just in case.

Detox C4 Sample
They claim it removes alcohol, tobacco and junk from your body.

Joyce Meyer Inspirational Calendar
This is a religious calendar.

No photo or description but since it's a clothing company, I'm guessing one for measuring your waistline.

Tote BagThey are only giving away 1,000 of these so good luck. One of them will have $250 in it.

I love organic and local foods. Rare to find organic freebies and I love to share them with you.

The kids will like this.

This is to my cousin who may find this freebie handy next summer.

Have you been downloading your free holiday music? I have 13 new songs as of today. Don't worry if you missed some of them you can still get them.

Purina Pro Plan Dog Food
FREE can of dog food when you "like" them on FB. I'm waiting for one of these sites to give me a free dog so I can give them the free food.

AcneFree Sulfur Mask
Another FB freebie. Love to try new products but I hate to pay for them. Try it today for FREE, plus if you like it there is a $1 off coupon on their FB page too.

US Constitution Free Copy
If you ask my dad everyone should have one and read it.

Tea Party Patriot Sticker
While you've got your constitution you may as well have one of these for your car.

Swiss Victorinox Fragrance Sample
Like I said before these make great drawer and car fresheners. I stick them under the seat of my car.

Invisible Glass makes glass invisible!

Invisible Glass Sample
You’ll get a pack of Invisible Glass Wipes PLUS generous discount coupons. This offer was dead but it seems to be available again. Zombie Freebie.


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