Ok. So he proposed, you said I do. 
You have your ring (Like mine pictured above). You called your mother.
Now what? Where do you start?

Well since you have a beautiful ring and want to show it off. 
You will need a manicure, right? Well yes and no. I don't have $20-30 every month or so to throw at my local salon to make my hands pretty. If you do well then good for you. But I don't. So, do I show off my ring with dry cracked cuticles and chipped polish? Of course not!

Here is my at-home, flawless, professional-looking manicure at a fraction of the cost.

  1. Create a pretty shape. Start with clean, dry nails. (If you’re wearing polish, wipe nails with polish remover first.) Clip to desired length, then file into even shapes with an emery board. Use long, smooth strokes, working in one direction to prevent weakening and splitting.
  2. Smooth tops of nails. Sand away ridges and any surface stains with a buffing block, using a gentle side-to-side motion. Start with the rougher side, then follow with the finer side.
  3. Soften cuticles. Apply a dab of cuticle oil, then push back gently with the flat end of an orange stick. Remove debris from the underside of nails with the stick’s pointed end. Carefully trim any hangnails with cuticle scissors (try this after showering, when nails are soft and skin is moist). Apply hand cream to cuticles until completely absorbed.
  4. Prep nails for color. Wipe off cream and any oily residue with polish remover to help color adhere evenly. Brush on a base coat to protect nails from discoloring and to provide a smooth surface for the color. Let dry for one minute.
  5. Paint on polish. Use three strokes: one down the middle, followed by one along each side. Make thin coats, which don’t trap air bubbles as thick ones can (and take less time to dry). Repeat. Correct mistakes with a cotton-wrapped orange stick dipped in polish remover. Finish with topcoat.
  6. Let nails dry completely. Aim for at least 15 minutes, or hold your nails under a fan. Avoid fast-dry sprays, which can make the polish more prone to chips and nicks.
  7. Maintain your manicure. Add a new layer of topcoat every other day to revive sheen and help prevent chips and dings. A good manicure should last a week.

That's it, you are now ready to flash that ring at anyone that you encounter. I recommend making this a part of your weekly schedule. Pencil it in like you would an appointment to ensure that your nails are beautiful on your wedding day.


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