Yeah. I love contests. Especially when I win. I used to be one of those people who would say. Awww. I never win anything. Then I realized I wasn't really trying. There are some great sweepstakes, intstant-win and giveaways out there.

Every Wednesday I'll bring them to you, right here. I never show contests that require completion of sponsor offers and blah blah blah. Just enter your info and click submit. Sometimes you might be required to subscribe to their newsletter, but usually that just gives you more opportunities to save.

So here are this weeks great contests...

Birds Eye - ( 6000+ winners, ends 1/15/09)
Campbells Cruise - (4000 winners, ends 3/31/09)
- only kids can enter this one, with parents help of course
Secret Flawless Diamond Giveaway - (9 winners, ends 6/30/09)
-you need a code but they will e-mail you one.
Jelly Belly - ( 2000+ winners, ends 7/31/09)
PACE - ( 120000+ winners, ends 7/31/09)
- you need a code but they will give you one.



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