Mondays are always hectic in our house, so Monday's will be dedicated to ideas and products that ease the Manic Monday Syndrome.

Getting back to work, getting the kids back into the weekly routine can be hard after a relaxing (or crazy) weekend.

Planning dinners for the week on Sunday nights can help. I hate Monday after work coming home at 6pm and remembering that I didn't take anything out for dinner. Planning meals for the week can also help keep your family healthy. No pizza delivery or drive-thru take out because it's easier and more convenient.

I always plan for one SALAD for dinner night. Not your typical lettuce and tomatoes but a good chef, grilled chicken or broiled steak salad. An at home salad bar is great when you have small kids. They love to sit at the table and make their own. I cut up tomatoes, cheese, carrots, cucumbers, whatever is in the fridge and place on a big platter or cutting board in the center of the table. How easy is that and affordable other than lettuce, you can get creative use what you have. Walnuts, dried cranberries, even shredded cheese that's been in the freezer for a month can be a great addition to a salad. No dressing you can find great recipes for homemade dressings, easy and cheaper than store bought.
Leftover lettuce?? I hope so. It's good for stuffing pita pockets or rolling up tortillas to make sandwich wraps the next night. I also take out plastic containers before clearing the table and make lunches for the next day, whatever is leftover goes into the containers and into the fridge. Healthy dinner becomes healthy lunch. Again avoiding the fast food bulge and saving your wallet from an $8 burger meal attack.

Speaking of salad, you could win a board game, movie or home entertainment system with the Fresh Express Dine-Inn to Win instant win game. Although I haven't won this one I'll keep trying. You need a code but the site will give you a free one. This contest ends December 31. Not much time to enter but give it a shot.


Get down on the floor. Right now. Wherever you are your office, living room, bedroom, library, internet cafe, I don't care, just do it...

Do 25 crunches. YES 2 5.

Hands behind your head but don't pull your head up with your arms. push your belly button towards the floor and don't let your lower back leave the ground. Pretend there's an apple under you chin so that you don't over extend your neck. Use your stomach muscle to lift your head and shoulders off the ground about 2-4 inches (whatever you're capable of) count to 2 going up and 2 going down. Crunches should be slow and controlled. Not 20 times now, 25.

Did you do it? Don't lie to me, it won't make you any healthier.

Congratulations. You've just burned off 1/4 of the donut you ate for breakfast.



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