Tuesday's Treats

One way that I reward myself for sticking to healthy eating and squeezing in some exercise, without slicing off a hunk of cheesecake...FREE stuff. Now although there is no instant gratification (some freebies can take up to 10 weeks), I assure myself that it is on it's way.

I love surprises and when I run (because that is exercise) to the mailbox I can't wait to see what FREE rewards are waiting for me. Then I run (because that is exercise too) back to the house to show everyone what I got.

You can get your own I DID IT rewards too. Every Tuesday I'll show you the best new freebies and the old faithfuls that are still shipping their goods.


More Magazine - 10 Free issues, not a trial subscription (thanks Freebies4Mom)
Oxy Fresh Toothpaste
St. Josephs Aspirin
Bausch and Lomb - Lens Cleaning Tissue
Kerasal - foot cream
Paradise Island Microwave Popcorn
Fruit Roll-Ups - (thanks Freebies4Mom)
Dove Hair Care
Dunkin Donuts Coffee - get it while it lasts.
Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner
Betty Crocker Coupon Book - New newsletter subscribers only
SnapFish - 50 free prints and Flip Book - New members only

Walmart Freebies
Always Infinity
Ultra Gain Detergent
Benefiber On the Go
Kotex Light Days
Good Nights

Costco Freebies
Cosamin DS

Kirkland Diapers
Poise Pads
Kotex Light Days

Kroger Freebies
Nicoderm CQ

Check out what I got this week in my mailbox.

Wow. That's a lot of free stuff.


Run to your mailbox and back. Right now, come on get up. Did you do it? Good. Feel ambitious today? Take your family for a walk around the neighborhood. They will love to get out, all together, take the dog if you have one. Quality time, exercise and fun all in one, easy for everyone, activity. Don't come back until your feet are tired or the sun goes down, whichever comes first.


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