What is F.I.T.? Family In Training. Assuming you have a family otherwise it's just You In Training but Y.I.T. doesn't make sense. So, just go with me here. This is a family effort. Don't force them. I don't even tell my family the changes we are making. They are so simple and so suttle, no one even notices. I also don't tell them because then they can't try to rebel. The can't say no if they don't know there is anything to say no to. hehehe

Why Friday? I have found through personal experience that initiating any changes to my lifestyle is best done on a Friday. Think of it. TGIF. The stress is gone and you have two days to devote to yourself and your family. ( I say family 'cuz these changes are for everyone)

If you can initiate change for those two days, I mean really stick to it, chances are when Monday comes around it will be second nature. I'm not talking becoming a vegan over a weekend.

Like I said before simple changes. Big impact.


Grab a big bottle, a recyclable bottle (cuz' we can be lean and green) and get those 64oz of water you're supposed to have in a day. Stick with it Saturday and Sunday. Sunday night fill it up and stick it in the fridge next to your brown bag lunch ('cuz that's cheaper and healthier) and it'll be ready for Monday morning. Repeat every night and your change has become routine.

You've just made a change that will affect you physically in ways you probably never thought of. Studies have shown drinking water before meals may help you to eat smaller portions (lean midsection), it'll hydrate your skin (less wrinkle cream), it's a great natural way to ensure a healthy urinary tract system (gross to think of, but remember I'm a nurse, nothing is gross to me)

Those of you with children. KIDS NEED TO DRINK ALOT. They need fluids especially when they are active. My son brings 32oz of H2O to every practice (football, baseball, basketball). I see so many kids running to the water fountain because they didn't bring a drink. Kids get dehydrated too, they get muscle cramps too, they need to drink too.

Skip the soda and the sugary artificial juices that are loaded with empty calories and cost a fortune (add up what you spend on this stuff in a month). Water is cheap and has 0 calories.

It can't get any more simple than this. Will you become a runway model with this advice, of course not. Will it improve your overall health in the long run. Absolutely.



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