Tuesdays Treats

Hey Frugal Fans....
make sure if they ask where you heard about the sample
you give props where they are due....

Honest Kitchen Pet Food Sample
I don't have a pet, but if I did I would like this link.

I love me some granola, thank you Ellen for this one.

Everyone should test their water.
I don't actually know what you are testing it for but it sounds like you should do it.

Subway Workout Music Mix - Free Download - Good Music!
This is actually a good sampling of music.
Not like the usual bands you've never heard of because they suck so they give their songs away for free.

I was really looking forward to this sample since I do crave more energy.
However, as my luck would have it I could not get the link to work. Hope you have better luck!

Admit it we all have gross, dry and cracked heels at some point. And not all of us can afford a pedicure weekly.

I actually have one of these (not shaped like Texas) and it actually comes in pretty handy.
Maybe I'll start a collection. Marie in TX this ones for you! Yee Ha.

I can't wait to receive this freebie. I am going to give it away to the first person I see smoking a cigarette. I wish they would send me more than one. I know lots of people I could give them to! You know who you are.

I am not big on taking medications that I was given free.
But you never know when you may need to stop someone from snoring.

I don't know who Norma is or why I would need her fashion 3D glasses but they are free. The kids will fight over them I'm sure.

For military personnel only. Supposedly includes beanies, deck of cards, free hour of internet service, etc...

This says you will receive you sample in the spring of 2012. I don't know why you have to wait so long but a freebie is a freebie no matter how long it takes to get it.

I'm not sure but I think this is some type of Omega 3 vitamin packet you add to a drink. Something about pina colada flavored oil that weirds me out...but it's free so I'll try it.

This looks promising between me and my daughter we could probably use a full-size sample. I like trying these products before buying them because most don't actually work and I HATE wasting money.

I don't have a pet as mentioned previously. (Not because I don't want one but because I can't afford one) But if I had one I would want this in case of an emergency.


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