Monday Mania

Have you heard of NoMoreRack?

Head to the site daily for awesome deals on everything from clothes, shoes and jewelry to electronics. They've already started their black Friday sales too. Over 1,000 INSANITY DEALS will go LIVE every month and will appear at any time; it could be spread out over the entire month, or happen all in one day. Limited quantities will be made available. The only way to know when the deals are up is to check every hour. According to NoMoreRack deals will include items such as an iPAD 2 for just $43.20, Kindle for $15.87, 52″ Sony Bravia LCD HDTV for $59.96, Sony PS3 for $26.54, $18.26 for an iPod Touch, $37.79 for a Sony Laptop! Nomorerack offers flat rate shipping of $2 per item!


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